Make Your #Flower Bed Then Lie In It

Photographer Tiptoes Through The Tulips To Capture Harvest Mice ...

Sherlock Holmes, a character in Jane Eyre Gets Real by Annabelle Troy, is no stranger to looking beneath the surface of things. He knows that underneath beauty’s facade there often lurks a dark soul; he was, for instance, onto flatmate #DorianGray from the second he met him. But that’s another story…

Holmes, being a beekeeper, knows that a type of honeybee, the Diadasia diminuta,  sleeps inside an orange flower called Globe Mallow. They also like to make their bed in the California poppy and other buds which close up at night–how cozy! An adult bee will sleep about an hour per night with naps throughout the day of 30 seconds. After slumbering within a flower, in which they hold on with their legs or mandibles, they may well stumble out of bed drunk as a lord. Sometimes a couple will curl up together as in the photo below:

Other animals which seek beds within buds include mice and lizards. So be wary next time you pick wild blossoms. Along with the scent, you may get an unwanted roommate!

Animals sleeping in flowers - aww post - Imgur


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