About Author Annabelle Troy

contact email: annabelletroy1@gmail.com

Annabelle was born and raised in a small town in New Jersey. The youngest daughter of a scientist father and a librarian mother, she spent much of her childhood reading library books. Annabelle attended Bennington College where she studied English literature, creative writing, and anthropology. During a semester abroad she took art history classes at the University of London. Always fascinated by quirky historical details, she fondly remembers her very small room in a Bloomsbury townhouse, with an archaic toilet down the hall which flushed by means of a pull chain. 

Annabelle is the self-published author of four novels: Jane Eyre Gets Real, The Grace of the Hunchback, A Cure for Cecily, and Hansel & Gretel Inside the House of Candy. A major portion of Annabelle’s writing is historical fiction with an emphasis on the 19th century.  Her heroines are as diverse as feminists, ballerinas, madwomen, and characters inspired by fairy tales. Annabelle says, “The Victorians are like a mirror, they are us but reversed. Women still face many of the same issues and ask themselves the same questions–how to be independent yet nurturing? How much of femininity is socially instilled and how much is biological? The answers remain ambiguous and intriguing.”

A Bronte girl at heart, she doesn’t understand why Jane Austen gets all the attention. Annabelle is fond of brooding landscapes, Gothic architecture, elusive men and strong coffee. Her hobbies include Pilates and international travel. She has yet to acquire a husband, children, or pets though she does hope to one day have a poodle.