Hansel & Gretel Inside the House of Candy

Fresh new take on an old fairy tale. Rediscover Hansel & Gretel…

as you’ve never seen them before.


In this retelling of the classic fairy tale, set in 2017, Hansel and Gretel are affluent teenage twins living in California. Hansel is a popular pot dealer, Gretel is studious and insecure. When their mother dies of cancer their father quickly plans to remarry–and to cheat the twins out of their inheritance. Then Dad and his fiancee perish in a car crash. To escape foster care Hansel and Gretel run away. En route to New York City they get lost in a forest, encounter a house of candy that is really an art installation, and meet Cathy, the beguiling woman who built it. Cathy is a witch who has a unique method of staying young. Gretel finds out Cathy’s true identity when she reads an old diary written in the 1800s by Cathy’s mother. To rescue her brother from Cathy’s cruel plot, Gretel must risk everything including her innocence.