What People Are Saying About Annabelle’s Writing

“Jane Eyre Gets Real” is a mashup between fan fiction, literary criticism, and our current fascination with reality-based TV shows.”

“This book is captivating. Kudos to the author for diving deep into her vast knowledge of literature to produce a unique, absorbing, story. Just wish I had this book as a companion when I was in High School English class. brilliant.”

“Full disclosure; the author is an acquaintance of mine, and I bought the book because of that relationship. I was surprised to find the book had a really imaginative and unique premise and interesting story line. I didn’t expect to read it through and found myself quite immersed in the story and finishing it off in just a couple evenings. Definitely worth a read.”

“Anyone who has read “Jane Eyre” will be intrigued, surprised, and perhaps a little taken aback at her new romance. This is a fresh view of authors and characters you thought you knew. Placed in entirely different circumstances and settings, they become people of intrigue in a tantalizing way that leads the reader to an ending that will either be acceptable or send him or her into fits of outrage.Read it and make your own decision.”